Urroz (Navarre)
April 2021 – Nowadays

Technical support in energy issues throughout the participatory process aimed at creating an energy community and consultancy on energy issues for the implementation of the community and its first energy project, «photovoltaic installation for collective self-consumption on the municipal sports facilities». The installation has been promoted and set up by the Town Council. The Town Council will transfer part of the produced energy to citizens and agents involved in the process for its management and self-consumption of energy, through the aforementioned energy community.

This process involves: 

Promoter: Town Council of Urroz/Urrotz. http://www.urrotz.org
Advisor and supporter: Artelan (participatory advisor) www.artelan.eu, Arankoa (legal advisor) www.arankoa.com , Kisar (energy advisor)
Leadership and participation: steering group formed by citizens and local businesses.