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At KISAR we promote energy efficiency and renewable energies from an eco-feminist perspective, with the aim of promoting a Change of Energy Model. We are convinced that in order to achieve a sustainable and ecological energy transition for people, it is necessary to count on them and involve them in the process of change.
To this end, at KISAR we strive to promote local development and citizen participation by including an innovative social perspective in our services and actions.
We understand Social Innovation as providing answers to the challenges and needs of our society, answers that seek social justice and equal opportunities. In order to be at the forefront of Social Innovation, we are surrounded by best allies such as Sorkin (, experts in re-signifying traditional wisdoms generally exercised by women, and Artelan (, experts in local development and citizen participation, among others.

Through our work we seek to:
• Promote a model for renewable and sustainable energy production, both from an environmental and from a social point of view.
• Promote the reduction of energy consumption and boost energy efficiency in installations of local entities and/or organisations and among citizens as a whole.
• Promote the active role of people in the change of energy model.
• Create female references in the field of new technologies.
• Defend universal access to energy.
• Work for the end of “fuel poverty” and make that work visible.

Objetivos y valores

KISAR is a Mesopotamian mother goddess that represents the Earth. The Sky is her counterpart, which includes the Sun, the star that disseminates energy all over the Earth.
This mythological being inspires us at KISAR to work on energy from the point of view of taking care for people and all forms of life, respecting the Earth and the natural and finite resources it provides us with.


KISAR accounts for an experience of 15 years working on energy efficiency and renewable energies, and supporting energy empowerment projects in different countries, municipalities, communities, and organisations.

We are a small consultancy, but we rely on big alliances to achieve our objectives.

We work within different multidisciplinary teams in order to provide the best quality on each of our services

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