Environmental commitment

Environmental commitment

• As we previously said, KISAR identifies with REAS’s principles, including environmental sustainability.  
• We consider that all activity carried out by KISAR will be related to nature. Therefore, we will maintain an environment-friendly policy during the development of the services we offer.
• We believe that a good relationship with nature is key to advance towards a more sustainable way of life. For that reason, we carry out a continuous assessment of the environmental impact of our activities, aimed at reducing significantly the ecological footprint they could have.
• KISAR’s environmental policy will be based on the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


 -We will work mainly during the central hours of day to avoid artificial lighting.  
 -We will disconnect all equipment by using multiple connectors when they are not being used.
 -We will not use air conditioning in summer. The thermostat will be kept at 18 ºC in winter.

• TRAVEL. Reduce the amount of travels. If they can’t be reduced, seek to reduce their impact:
-On urban journeys:
  -Bicycle use.
-On inter-urban journeys:
  -Share the journey.
  -Use of public transport (mainly bus and train).
 -We will use the minimum amount of office supplies.
 -Minimise and outsource document printing.
 -As a general rule, one-use products will not be used.
 -Packaged products will be avoided, especially those with double packaging.
 -Plastic consumption will be avoided whenever possible.


• The main computer equipment consists of devices reassembled and refurbished by professionals.
• Computer.
• Telephone.
• Flask or similar so as not to use plastic glasses or bottles.
• Cloth bags for carrying documents or other belongings.


• All waste generated during our services will be managed according to the current recycling policy.